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 Vietnam has featured a great variety of its well-known traditional handicrafts for a long time. Hanoi Moment (HM) has exploited this strength to make many daily-life serving products. HM knows how to make good a precendent shortcoming in product supervision. That is why, our products are spreading all over the world.

 HM has been working in the traditional handicraft field since 1998. The first showroom, or the retail shop, was opened in No 7, Hang Trong street. In 2004 upon the requirements of further development, the shop moved to No 101, Hang Gai Street, with 80m 2 in area. It is our showroom, also the retail shop, and the office with two floors. To open more business sectors, HM founded NISHIN joint stock company in 2005. Being one important part of the company, however, HM still works independently.

 HM is on the way to explore the newest products to meet all customers' increasing demands. Our products range from lace, bamboo, ceramics, porcelain, lacquer, to wooden furniture, carved stones, horn-made and metal-made things.

 HM has its products made in 20 high quality production premises, being able to accept large orders. We are definitely responsible for manufacturing, product supervision, packaging, transportation and delivery. This makes our products outstanding compared to others.

 HM is not only a retail shop catered for tourists, but also a showroom where all the newest goods with best designs are displayed. At the moment, we are supplying a big deal of products for French, Germany, American, Canadian, and especially Japanese markets.

 HM is at your service, even with the smallest order. Our friendly staffs who speak English and Japanese fluently will explain your inquiries. You will also have a chance to visit our production premises upon you requests.

 HM’s well trained and experienced staffs working in handicraft export field will help you with the export procedures, providing you with thorough supervision in order to have the safest and fastest transportation means at the most reasonable price.


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