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Being the symbol of Vietnamese countryside, bamboo has played a very important role in daily life of the Vietnamese. It is easy to find the bamboo-made items in the Vietnamese families. In cooperation with leading workshops in Vietnam, HM provides the customers all over the world with high quality bamboo-made products diversified in colors and styles such as bags, baskets, lamps, blinds, purses, wallets, etc…

1. Materials:
Bamboo species aged about 2 years are used. Bamboo is often dyed before. And with other materials, it is used to make a variety of products.

2. Production process:

Every step is made by hand. For special products, the raw materials (bamboo trees) are submerged in the water for several months before getting started. This step helps prevent later products from being termite-eaten or getting moldy.

Bamboo is sawed into internodes with certain measurements. After peel is grated, bamboo is cleaved. Cleaved bamboo is then dried to avoid being termite-eaten or getting moldy. Next, cleaved ones are barked by knife to become strings, which then are weaved into desired products.

The desired products may be undyed, or coated with non-color glue to make them hard to avoid being termite-eaten or getting moldy. Or they can be dyed with different colors upon the customers’ requests. In order to protect the products from decoloring, or being termite-eaten when being in contact with other atmospheres, makers use a big barrel to boil the desired products in high temperature from 80 to 100 centigrade degree in about 3 to 5 hours. The desired products are then taken out, dried, and carefully checked before being packed.

The desired products coated with non-color glue, or dyed with different colors are also combined with other materials such as ceramics, cloth, wood, and lacquer, etc … to make different products with a great variety of styles to meet the customers’ demands.

3. Strengths:

Because the products are made of nature-rooted materials, and by hand, the users are like to feel the nature.

With the advantages of lightness, softness, long span of life, adapting to different environments, they can be used with great purposes, making it an important part in everyday life.

4. Use instructions:

The weakness of bamboo–made products is that they are likely to be termite eaten or get moldy. By different techniques from selecting the materials carefully, drying, boiling the materials, or processing-on products, termites’ eggs will be killed easily, so the problems can be solved. However, in low temperature atmosphere, the products can get moldy easily; consequently, they can decolour. That is why, it is recommended not to let products to have in contact with such environment.


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