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Copper cast and silver sculpture is one of the most traditional handicrafts in Vietnam. However, the profession only limits their products in household such as saucepans, jars or in religion like incense-burner, bells, etc … To uphold the nation’s traditions, HM with other workshops of this field provides very unique products namely rice sticks, bowls, cups, lampshades, candle holders, etc …

1. Materials:

Copper leaf & Silver leaf

2. Production process:

Based on the designs, the materials are hammered to make them three – dimensional. After that, they can be put on fire to soften, and then be hammered until they become the desired products. Being hammered for several times will help products look natural and soft.

Metal tools are used to whittle, sculpture to make patterns. This step requires professionally skilled and aesthetic makers.

The raw products are smoked by banana leaves until they are equally colored.

* For sculptured products, after being hammered they are sculptured.

3. Strengths:

Under the hand of the professional craftsmen the products look beautiful, opulent, and artistic.

The products have a long life span. Under careful preservation and after long period they could become priceless.

4. Use instructions:

The products are advised to avoid low temperature or alkalinized atmosphere or they are likely to be oxygenated.

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