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With long history, Bat Trang ceramics has been well-known for its unique products made by “golden-hand” craftsmen. Not only foreigners, but also almost every Vietnamese has a dream to once visit to see the craftsmen to turn “clay into gold”. In cooperation with the leading workshops in Bat Trang, HM provides the high quality and eye-catching ceramic products diversified in colors and styles to the customers all over world. 

1. Materials:

1.1.Enamel: The traditional enamel called “ash enamel” which is made from rice husk. After burning the color of the products from kind of enamel turns ivory white. At present, makers rarely use this type of enamel as it is expensive and complicated to make. Besides, it is difficult to combine with other colors to create other types of enamels. 

The present enamels are mainly made from Truong Thach stone, mixed with other ores, plus chemical colors to create desired enamels. White enamel is the most important of all because makers will create different types of enamels depending on their own recipes. There are about 40 kinds of enamels in use. Some popular ones are gloss crack, matt crack, gloss black, matt black, celadon, rough …etc

1.2. Artificial coloring:

Other colorings are mainly imported from Taiwan, and generally used to write on the framed products and enameled products.

All the different colorings are brushed to create a variety of patterns on the diversified products.

2. Production process:

Based on the designs from the customers or the designs by the makers, gypsum is used to make a frame.

Raw special clay is ground, mixed with water to form soft clay. Soft clay is then poured into a tank filled with chemical substances, mixed by a machine to make a component like gruel.

This component is poured into the gypsum frame. Both hand and machine are used to control the frame to fit exactly the design. After one day, the raw product is taken out.

Turning table is used to lathe smoothly the surface of the raw products. After that, it is dried, and cleaned before brushing the patterns.

Enameling comes next, which is considered the most important step because the enameled products will depend on how thick or thin the enameling is. For example, with crack enamel but thin enameling we have enameled products with small cracks, with thick enameling we have ones with bigger cracks.

After that, enameled produced are burned in an gas kiln to around 1250 centigrade degree in 15 hours, rather than being burned in a coal one like before because it caused pollution.

The finished products are then taken out, checked carefully and packed.

3. Strengths:

Because the products are made of nature-rooted materials, and by hand, the users are like to feel the nature.

The Bat Trang ceramics has a long span of life, and also is suitably used in many different conditions of environment, resulting in its various usefulness. 

4. Use instructions:

The weakness of ceramic products is that they are thick and heavy. However, with the help of the craftsmen today, and with the use of different materials, they are made thinner and lighter.

However, users should be cautious in use to prevent the products from being broken.
The original coloring is called Dai Thanh (or Koban). This coloring is imported from Taiwan, black-blue in color. Makers can make it darker or lighter to create products with old indigo blue or new indigo blue in color. Dai Thanh coloring is chiefly used for matt crack enameled products.
Raw materials: Black, white and red clays in some parts of Vietnam, or imported from overseas are used.

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