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Vietnam is not only famous for bamboo, ceramic products, but also well-known for its wood-made goods, especially small items requiring high techniques and carefulness from the craftsmen. Together with famous workshops in Vietnam, HM introduces the customers the world of wood products namely ornaments, sofa, kitchen tools, shoehorns, etc …

1. Materials:

Precious and firm wood species such as ebony, aromatic, rose-wood are used to produce shoehorns, ornaments, sofa, rice sticks, spoons, etc …. Other soft wood species namely durian are used to produce spoons, forks, etc …

2. Production process:

The materials are first dried in order to help products avoid getting termite, or deforming. They are then made raw based on the measurements.

For small products such as shoehorns, rice sticks, and spoons, after being made raw, they are filed and polished many times by elastic rings and different kinds of sandpapers. Next they are polished by rotating machine and smoothed to become finished products.

For the nacre products, after being filed and polished many times by elastic rings and different kinds of sandpapers, they are carved and inlayed with mother-of-pearl. The products are finished after being polished once more.

3. Strengths:

As the materials come from nature, and be made by hand, the refinements of the products are treasured with the golden hands of the craftsmen.

The wood-made products have a long span of life, and also are suitably used in many different conditions of environment, resulting in their various usefulness. 

HM’s wood-made products touch so smooth that they are not only dust-resistant but also bring us relaxed feelings.

4. Use instructions:

The products are suggested to use carefully as for they are likely to deform or crack in high temperature or wet environment.

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