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One of the very famous traditional handicrafts in Vietnam is embroidery. In cooperation with many well-known workshops in HaTay province (especially hand-made embroidery Xuan Nguyen shop) HM has opened 2 embroidery shops. As being another branch, however, these two shops are working independently. Please contact with their managers.


1. Hand-made embroidery Xuan Nguyen shop 01: 35 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Hanoi

Tel: (04) 37474146   Fax: (04) 38286 048.  Cell phone: 0912 765 123 (Mr. Nguyen)  


2. Hand-made embroidery Xuan Nguyen shop 02: 139 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Hanoi

Tel: (04) 37474146    Fax: (04) 38.286 048.  Cell phone: 0912 765 123(Mr. Nguyen)  


1. Materials:

Basically embroidery can be made on different types of cloths. However, common types are thin cloths such as silk, satin, batiste, etc … with diversified colors.

White and colorful threads are made in Vietnam or imported from China. Also, makers can dye threads into desired colors.

2. Production process:

Based on pictures, samples, drawings, etc …, designs are copied exactly onto the tracing paper, and then printed onto the cloth.

Wood frame is used to stretch the cloth to make it easy to embroider.

The embroiderer uses the needle following the color patterns on the sample pictures to embroider the products.

The products are then cleaned and ironed. With different kinds of colors and patterns, they are unframed differently.

3. Strengths:

Since the embroidery products are artistic, they bring to us the very relaxed feelings. The users can also feel the “soul of the work”.

4. Use instructions:

Embroidery products are often heavy because they are wood and glass-unframed. That is why, it requires careful delivery.


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