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Bring out the best quality products

Create the most convenient business environment


1. Working hours:

    Everyday from 8:30 am –  8: 30 pm

2. For retail products

2.1. Products are sold with fixed prices

2.2. Accept cash, cards, cheques, ect…

2.3. Provide hand-in-hand delivery service within Hanoi city.

3. For orders

3.1. For products designed by HM

   Customers can order without minimum quantity. There is an account of the total value    

   depending on the volume of orders. All products are warranted to be delivered to customers

   with best quality.

3.2. For products designed by customers.

   Real picture of the samples are requested by sending by fax or attached by email. Customer  

   will be informed soon whether it is possible to make. We will give consultation in materials well

   suited for the products. The customer will be informed the estimated price (which is not the

   sample or ordered price). If the customer accepts the estimated price, we are responsible to

   make the sample exactly based on the request. The sample needs to be made 4: 2 will be sent

   to the customers, 1 will be kept at the production premise, and 1 will be keep at the HM. At the

   same time, quotation will be sent to the customer whom we inform exactly the sample price

   and ordered price. Besides, other information such as production capacity, transportation

   means, etc … will be informed to the customer. The customer has to pay 4 samples on the

   sample price. If the customer agrees with the samples, the products will be made on the

   ordered price.

 Note: All the samples designed by the customer will not be introduced to others.

3.3. Payment

   The transaction will be carried out by TTR. When ordering, 50% of the total contract value is

   paid as a deposit. When products are ready for shipment, the rest 50% is paid.


                                                                                                 You are warmly welcomed!


                                                                                                            LE XUAN YEN

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